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I am so pleased to have found this amazing brand called Unfold, based in Camden Town, London. They make sustainable products which are 100% vegan and plastic free as they are made from jacron paper and cork.

I couldn't quite believe it myself but when you read below what this amazing jacron paper is, it's complete genius and what is even more impressive is that its waterproof!

So I introduce to you their larger sized roll top backpack. Ideal for all outdoor weather and it looks pretty nice too! Ideal for a commuter as it hold's a laptop, or even out on a hike having an adventure. 


  • Roll top backpack

  • Adjustable closure strap

  • Quick open with a button

  • Concealed back pocket with a zipper

  • Laptop compartment

  • 25cm x 60cm x 12cm


This backpack is made from two sheets of jacron water-proof paper stitched on the edges and rolled on the top. It is securely closed with a button popper. This vegan-friendly backpack boasts adjustable straps and a concealed compartment with a secure zipper for valuable belongings. The inside of the backpack is lined with orange cotton and has a secure laptop pocket.

What is Jacron Paper?

Jacron paper was discovered by the founder of Unfold during their research for available leather-alternatives. They were studying everything from cork to rubber, from recycled plastics to upcycled junk parts. Finally they discovered that the material, used in jeans badges is a particular kind of kraft paper, which has fantastic durability properties, isn’t afraid of water (everyone washed their jeans at least once in their life, we hope), and is made with 100% renewable cellulose polymer. Thus, their search for collection material ended with a success.

Besides the jacron paper, they utilise cork, organic cotton & polyurethane (typically for button popper holders & straps). All of their materials are 100% vegan-friendly and do not contain any unnecessary chemical additives or toxic dyes.