Oak Fire Starter Stick

The Wood Project

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This fire starter stick is an incredibly useful addition for the outdoor adventurer or those keen on bush craft or camping.

It consists of a handmade oak handle with a unique burnt mountain and forest design, finished with a leather cord. The oak handle is protected with walnut oil and our very own beeswax Wood Balm which you also purchase on our website.

On the end of the oak handle is a small oil filled compass. It's probably best not to fully rely on this to find your way home as it's very small, but a nice addition to give you some bearing. 

The fire steel is a Ferrocerium rod. When struck with the back of a knife or sharp item, it creates a shower of hot sparks to ignite tinder. Tinder will catch the spark and enable you to start a fire. 

The Ferrocerium rod creates 3000 degree sparks and are long lasting rods. Just strike the rod a few times to remove the black coating first. 

Small enough to keep in your pocket, take this with you on your next adventure!

Measures: 14cm x 3 cm

*Each item will differ in grain and colour. The product and design is hand made and will differ slightly piece to piece therefore it won't be exactly the same as the images.

*Nut allergy warning - This piece is treated with Walnut Oil.