12" Gas Powered Pizza Oven

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If you're looking for the ultimate Gas Powered Pizza Oven, this is it! It's simple and easy to operate, and delivers perfect pizza in as little as 90 seconds.

You can also cook fish, vegetables, and steaks in your new oven.

The pizza oven is ready to cook out of the box, all you need is to connect the gas and get cooking!

Portability makes this a favourite amongst pizza lovers. Whether you want to cook up in your back garden or camping, this Pizza oven is easy to travel with.

Gas Fuelled
500°C Cooking Temperature
Fresh 12" Pizza
Perfect Pizza in 90 Seconds
Lightweight & Portable



Flamo 12" Pizza Oven Dimensions: 399 x 616 x 309mm

Weight: 9.1KG

37mBar IGT Patio Gas and 1.5M Hose included

11mm thick Cordierite Baking Stone included.

30.5 x 30.5mm Cooking Surface

Carbon Steel Shell, High-Temperature Resistant Powder-Coated Finish