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The Story


Founder and wood worker Jenni Kehoe has always had a love for wood. Starting her career serving in the police service for many years, to travelling the world as a bodyguard for royal families, her journey of fast paced adrenaline and discipline has provided the focus and attention to detail that has led her right here, doing what she really loves. 


"For as long as I can remember, I have always been making, creating and tinkering with wood. I grew up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and fields so I'm pretty sure something was ingrained in me at that point. My Grandfather was a very skilled man, an upholsterer and furniture restorer by trade and worked such wonders with his hands. He was always showing me how to make things in his workshop at the end of his garden."


After making her own products for customers in her workshop for a few years and also teaching woodwork, Jenni found the business direction was changing due to huge overheads and more demand for items she was bringing in online.


"I had always wanted to have my own business and after years of a crazy and exciting career, I wanted to take some control and do what I really felt passionate about. I love the outdoors and just keeping it simple. I converted my van into a camper a few years back and just crave heading off to get back to basics. I want to source simple items that are designed well and people can use on their adventures. The aim is for The Wood Project to be the place to seek out the next exciting product!"