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I was recommended these HeroClips by a friend who uses them in their camper van and after getting a few myself, I could really see how useful they are so I wanted to make sure you could try them too. Ideal for hanging a water bottle off your back pack, hanging waste bags in your camper, hanging a wash bag in the campsite showers or even an outdoor shower from a tree branch. The options are endless...


The ideal size for handling large and awkward items, Heroclip Medium gear clip lets you hook and hang big backpacks from trees, duffle bags from fences, buckets from ladders, and carry-ons from bathroom stalls. The versatile gear clip hangs securely, rotates 360°, and folds compactly in ways other carabiners, clips and hooks can’t, helping you keep your gear organized and exactly where you want it, no matter the activity. The wide carabiner clip gate accommodates bigger stuff compared with standard carabiners and clips, so you can secure anything from extension cord bundles to multiple shopping bags. The hook features a grippy rubber tip for hanging bags and purses from tables and other flat surfaces.


  • Strong: Sturdy gear clip supports and secures up to 60 lbs.
  • 360° Rotation: Fully rotating hook keeps gear accessible.
  • Pivoting Joints: Hang your stuff from most nooks & crannies.
  • Compact: Foldable hook nests on gear clip until needed.

This product is not designed for climbing.

  • Holds up to 60 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3" wide, 3.75" high (closed)
    7.25" tall when expanded
  • Weight: 2 oz

Material: Solid aircraft grade machine-cut aluminum with anodized finish, composite, steel