The Frontier Plus Stove

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The Frontier Plus: a next-generation portable woodburning stove.

The ultimate outdoor stove, the Frontier Plus is a portable log burning stove that can be fitted in tents, tiny homes, teepees and cabins or used outside on your deck for adventurous outdoor cooking.

Five flue pieces and the spark arrestor included!

  • Glass door, with airwash system so your glass is kept clear at all times
  • Air vent on door allow for optimum temperature control
  • Adjustable legs
  • 4-inch flue

We also sell The Frontier Plus Carry Bag.

The Frontier Plus has a whole host of upgraded features from the previous model that makes using it and cooking on it easy, fun and efficient. Perfect for hardened adventurers and those who've never used a stove before, the Frontier Plus makes any camping or outdoor adventure a whole lot more fun. 

All you'll need to install the Frontier Plus in your tent or shed is a flashing kit. We would recommend always using a carbon monoxide alarm with your stove for extra peace of mind.

Size 60 x 37 x 37 cm

Weight 17kg

Fuel Wood, Eco fuel

Material Steel, glass, European oak

Total height (legs extended) 278cm

Total height (legs shortened) 270cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs extended) 48cm

Height of top plate from floor (legs shortened) 40cm

Material thickness 2.5mm top plate, 2mm body