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X7 8.5" Electric Scooter - Space Grey

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As we move into a world where electric transport is starting to come into play, we wanted to make sure this more environmentally friendly way of transport was encouraged here at The Wood Project.

There are a wide array of electric scooters now coming into the market, some of which are with a high price tag.

We are providing you with a high quality electric scooter, but with a more affordable price.

The X7 8.5" folding electric scooter in Space Grey is our most popular model. The key difference here is this scooter features a removable battery which can be charged internally or even externally! This allows you to even carry a spare battery with you to allow for longer distance travel. 

The X7 electric scooter offers you a high quality build and finish, A great way to commute to avoid public transport or using your own car.

In terms of speed, this scooter can reach 25kmh / 15.5 mph making it safe but able to get you around fast enough. They also take you the distance of 15km / 9.3 miles.

The wheels on this model are inflatable which are suitable for more challenging terrain. Another important feature of this scooter is it's also waterproof.

Front and rear LED lights keep you safe in the dark and you can be seen from a long distance. There is also an integrated kick stand so you can park up easily.

Its strong aluminum alloy frame ensures the strength of the scooter and provides an additional sense of security. On the handlebars, there is an integrated LED screen that indicates the range, the mileage and the speed so that you always keep control. The handle of the X7 electric scooter features rubberised grips for hands to create comfort when riding. 

The scooter folds down with an integrated lever at the front, making it compact so you can take on the train or place in the back of your car. 

With a 350w motor and a lithium battery capacity of 36v 5ah it provides a punch in its performance. 


1 year warranty from date of purchase.  (This is for manufacturing faults only).


Folding Dimension:  1083 x 420 x 460mm
Unfolding Dimension:   1083 x 420 x 1186mm
Weight Max Load: 100kgs
Weight: 13kg
Height: 130~200cm
Max Speed: 25km/h
Range: 15 km
Main Material: Aluminium Frame +Pedal
Max Power: 350 W
Charging Time: 3 hours
Climb degree: 15°


** Currently it is illegal to use an electric scooter on the public highway within the UK & Ireland, including cycle paths and pavements. The UK has now begun trials for rental Electric Scooters to be used legally. We hope that in the near future, it wont be long until privately owned scooters will be legal to ride on the UK roads. You can currently use an electric scooter on private land.