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So it's been an up and down few months of recent. I wanted to share with you why I have come to the decision to close my wood workshop and change the direction of The Wood Project, by bringing in other branded products as opposed to making them. It was no easy decision, some have questioned how I am even the same business if I don't make my products however a business has to go with what works and adapt, otherwise it will just fail. It's that simple. My focus is however the same in that I love wood, I...

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  This year I haven't provided a discount to my customers and subscribers as part of Black Friday, simply because a small business like myself cannot generally adjust   retail prices to the level that bigger companies can. The margins simply are not there and with the time and care put into my products, it just wouldn't be cost effective. One thing that a lot of small business owners don't reveal, whether on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and newsletters, is that their business may not be their sole focus. I have spoken to a lot of people...

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Autumn blog of The Wood Project. A lot has been happening since I last wrote a blog. I managed to ascertain a great workshop far sooner than I anticipated and so the last month or so has halted work because I have been moving in and building work units, purchasing new machinery and generally settling into my new environment.  NEW WORKSHOP I have had to build a lot of work units for my machinery, even a stud wall to divide my work area from my office/packing area.    DELIVERY UPGRADE! Delivery of furniture items is...

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