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So I found myself in a bit of a dilemma recently when I took my beloved Thelma camper for its MOT.  I was very shocked to have failed the smoke emissions test, which has never happened before. All of a sudden I found myself without transport, without my camper and I felt like a huge part of my freedom had been taken away.  For all these years I have been so fortunate to have the choice of driving away in my van, exploring and sleeping where I choose and wake up to a new view each day. I haven't been away...

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Wow.... it's been busy. I have been working hard behind the scenes planning the next stage for The Wood Project. I usually have an idea (actually a huge amount that keeps me awake at night!) so I make it and then find it's not quite right for where I want the direction of the business to go or is not something I believe I can produce consistently. It's this trial and error that takes time, more time that I prefer but it has to be right. What I do is actually quite simplistic, I'm not a joiner or a carpenter...

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