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Wow.... it's been busy. I have been working hard behind the scenes planning the next stage for The Wood Project. I usually have an idea (actually a huge amount that keeps me awake at night!) so I make it and then find it's not quite right for where I want the direction of the business to go or is not something I believe I can produce consistently. It's this trial and error that takes time, more time that I prefer but it has to be right. What I do is actually quite simplistic, I'm not a joiner or a carpenter...

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the Autumn blog of The Wood Project. A lot has been happening since I last wrote a blog. I managed to ascertain a great workshop far sooner than I anticipated and so the last month or so has halted work because I have been moving in and building work units, purchasing new machinery and generally settling into my new environment.  NEW WORKSHOP I have had to build a lot of work units for my machinery, even a stud wall to divide my work area from my office/packing area.    DELIVERY UPGRADE! Delivery of furniture items is...

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