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Resin Tables on the Horizon!

As with any business, finding news things to make is key and doing what you love is even more important.

I have always wanted to make resin tables and now I am finally making them. Many people have asked me what they are and have been blown away by how the resin looks and how the whole process takes place.

The resin can be made in a variety of colours and quite simply is poured into a mould alongside or down the middle of some beautiful thick wood, which I source from a Sussex timber mill. The effect is to replicate a river or perhaps the ocean.

I am in the process of making table's which will be added on the website for sale as and when they are ready.  

I can do a variety of sizes so if you want a side table, coffee table or even a dining table we can do that for you. We can do a variety of woods such as oak, ash, walnut and a variety of colour resins which can be transparent through to pearlescent like these pictures. 

I will also be doing not only rivers running down the centre but also oceans to the side of one piece of wood. All will become clear visually when we start to make more and sell them on the website.

To show you the lengthy process of how they are made take a look below:

I prepare the wood I am using buy selecting a long board with a nice waney edge which creates the river edges. I cut it in half and face the waney edges towards each other to create the river shape and place it into a sealed mould.

I mix the resin in 2 separate stages as due to the curing process I cannot pour to a great depth each time. I make it with precise measurements and add the desired colour. In this case I have added Sky Blue which is also a pearlescent pigment creating the shimmer effect. 

It is then poured into the mould in it's first layer and left to almost set between 12-24 hours.

Once both layers are poured and completely set, it is levelled flat with a router in a custom made jig to remove excess resin and to make sure the wood is the exact thickness all over.

It is then sanded from a low to very high grit which can take a number of hours. The next step is to protect the wood so we treat the wood with Osmo oil and apply 2 coats which are left to dry fully. We then focus on polishing the resin. 

We polish using a polishing machine with a foam pad and a special polishing compound which slowly brings the resin to a shine.

We chose raw steel industrial style square legs.

Check out the furniture section of the website to see when table's are available!

I will be offering free delivery in local area to my West Sussex workshop, so contact me before purchase so we can find out what we can do for you. There may be a delivery fee added in other cases. Check out the free postcode delivery details here.

Thank you again for all your interest and support of a small business.

Jenni x


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