Plastic Free

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Plastic Free

It's been a long while since I have written a blog post. The changes to The Wood Project have actually transitioned very nicely and I find myself in a much more content and organised setup!

Giving up my wood workshop was a hard thing to do, physically but also mentally. Wow I really had stored up some bits and bobs, all the little things such as very specific size screws, hinges, things I didn't even recognise or remember buying but it must have been important at the time! That took a lot of sorting.

Once I had cleared the workshop, found new homes for my tools and machinery and setup a very small workshop at my parents home (poor them!) I found myself feeling a huge sense of relief as the burden of the workshop costs had finally gone. I loved every moment of making wooden products and creating such nice things that people enjoyed, but the new chapter of The Wood Project is so much more fun! I love research and so for me to have the challenge of trying to find some really useful products that compliment adventure, travel and camping, really is enjoyable to do.

The reason I wanted to write this particular blog was to get on the plastic free topic which is taking front stage at the moment, (finally).

I have introduced some products to the website which I think are great items that you can switch easily from plastic types, at at a low cost. I've added Bamboo Toothbrushes, Bamboo Cotton Buds, Bamboo Cutlery, Steel Water Bottles, Shampoo Bars and more to come.

I have ensured each item is a decent choice. I have used bamboo toothbrushes in the past and realised the soft bristle just isn't enough so I only stock medium bristle. The shampoo bar I have used specifically myself and if followed by some conditioner, my hair is feeling so clean and looking good and there isn't any plastic packaging in sight.

We have probably all seen that heart breaking image of a sea horse clinging on to a plastic cotton bud and I think I actually cried when I first saw it. 

If each one of us makes a small change by even just swapping our plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one, already a difference has been made. Imagine if everyone did just one change like this, what an impact it could have.

Even if I am only providing a variety of products for those that love the outdoors, I feel I have a responsibility to at least try and do the best I can do provide products that are reducing waste, reducing plastic and that my packaging is without plastic. 

Bamboo is clearly the way forward for now. I am will be sending a newsletter out with much more information about why bamboo is becoming so popular and I think you will find the details fascinating!

I hope you are enjoying the products that I am adding on a regular basis and can follow me on this journey.


Jenni x

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