No Black Friday

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No Black Friday


This year I haven't provided a discount to my customers and subscribers as part of Black Friday, simply because a small business like myself cannot generally adjust   retail prices to the level that bigger companies can. The margins simply are not there and with the time and care put into my products, it just wouldn't be cost effective.

One thing that a lot of small business owners don't reveal, whether on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and newsletters, is that their business may not be their sole focus.

I have spoken to a lot of people similar to myself, running a small woodworking business, trying to make their way. One thing that I found was often in common, was that it wasn't their only job.

It's been something that I was always worried about revealing, wanting to make out that The Wood Project is a full time thing and a lot of us do it for fear of seeming like we are not doing as well as we portray. Social media is a powerful thing, we just show what we want people to see and create a sense of success whereas in fact, behind the scenes we sometime have other jobs as well and can struggle to manage them all!

I have in fact 3 jobs in total. I work part time, 5 days a week as a postwoman, a recent job I took on to provide a regular income and to allow me time to be in the workshop in the later part of the day. I also do event security so often do that in an evening or a weekend and sometimes I am not home until the early hours. As you can imagine, I am often exhausted but The Wood Project is where I want to be, it's my focus and it's what I want to be doing full time. 

The overheads are huge, to have a woodworking business, a workshop is essential and that is by no means an easy cost especially in the south of the UK. Plus with the website costs, advertising and so on, it's quite the challenge!

So remember, as small business owners, we can't always give a discount but we love what we do, we strive to make a business work and it is my dream to make The Wood Project a thriving business, a place where you can come and learn and for you to be able to buy products that are made with love and care. 

Thank you for your support


Jenni x



  • Dave

    Well said Jenni, following a passion is not always the easy road. Stick with it!

  • patrick kehoe

    Well said.

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