New Workshop, UK Wide Delivery and New Products!

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New Workshop, UK Wide Delivery and New Products!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Autumn blog of The Wood Project.

A lot has been happening since I last wrote a blog. I managed to ascertain a great workshop far sooner than I anticipated and so the last month or so has halted work because I have been moving in and building work units, purchasing new machinery and generally settling into my new environment. 






I have had to build a lot of work units for my machinery, even a stud wall to divide my work area from my office/packing area. 



Delivery of furniture items is always a difficult area. You want to ensure the furniture is packed well and protected for its journey but you also want to select the right courier and ensure the customer knows when it's coming. There is nothing worse than waiting in for a delivery and having no idea if it is coming one week or the next. So this has been an area I have been working hard on to make sure that my items are available UK wide and arrives with the customer, just as it left the workshop.

If you purchase a furniture item the courier charge is automatically calculated for you.

You are also welcome to collect your piece of furniture for free from my workshop, by appointment. Address details on the contact page.


So a little while back I made a very long charcuterie serving board made from Spalted London Plane which was meant to be a one off, turns out it created a lot of interest and so I have decided to offer one more for you all.  It's available now on the website for you to buy. Perhaps that amazing centrepiece for a dinner party or that family Christmas meal?



With a new workshop comes new opportunities and a renewed sense of creativity. I am back on the tools with some ideas of new furniture and accessories.

I am expanding my furniture range and will let you know once these are on the website. I am also experimenting with using up my sawdust waste to create functional items. Sounds intriguing? It is!

New log coasters are also on their way to the website shortly!



I am very pleased to announce that I now have my very own Etsy shop to target a wider audience. Getting traffic to your products is such an incredibly hard task, please help spread the word.

I will keep you updated with news here at The Wood Project!

Thank you again for all your support
Jenni xx

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