Custom Wood Products for Clients and New Products for Spring 2018

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Custom Wood Products for Clients and New Products for Spring 2018

Wow.... it's been busy. I have been working hard behind the scenes planning the next stage for The Wood Project.

I usually have an idea (actually a huge amount that keeps me awake at night!) so I make it and then find it's not quite right for where I want the direction of the business to go or is not something I believe I can produce consistently. It's this trial and error that takes time, more time that I prefer but it has to be right. What I do is actually quite simplistic, I'm not a joiner or a carpenter but I want to produce items that are useful, functional, helpful and look really nice.



Finding a balance between handmade, quality, consistency and quantity is a tricky balance. You don't want any of those elements to hold you back as a business that needs to function, but you also don't want those elements to lose who you are and what this is all about. So with that in mind The Wood Project has invested in a new machine, which I am keeping under wraps until it is up and running but this is going to help to grow the business, branch out into an option of customisation for clients and be almost like another worker in the workshop allowing improved quality, consistency and quantity!



I have been sourcing some beautiful wood from English Woodlands Timber based in Cocking, Sussex. It is where I source my Walnut, Oak and Ash with beautiful waney edges. I am finalising my simple design which will be placed on my rather thick and waney edge chopping boards to be released in Spring. I think outdoor enthusiasts and wood lovers will really appreciate these boards.

English Woodlands Timber Boards

Rows and rows of beautiful boards

English Woodlands Timber Boards

Walnut Waney Edge Chopping Board

The finished product - Walnut Waney Edged Chopping Board



With the new machine coming (all will be revealed I promise) this is going to be a big part in new products that can be offered to add another string to the bow that is so important in keeping a business running. I currently build custom items for businesses and also one off items for customers that need something specific. In Spring I will be able to offer businesses wooden signage, branding onto serving boards, chopping boards and more for their shop or business, even cutting out items from sheet material in bulk.

I will be adding all the information onto the website once this is up and running so do keep The Wood Project in mind for your business needs or even if you want a one off item customised.


SHOWS 2018

This year I am going to be trading at hopefully quite a few shows and festivals around the country, mainly for camper van enthusiasts (we will be making items for van living) and those keen on the outdoor lifestyle. I will be adding these to social media as and when they are confirmed. 



The Canvas Tool Roll is one of our most popular items, people love it. It serves a function for customers and is ideal as a gift.

Putting yourself out there on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest is hugely important for a business to grow and over the recent months I have seen this grow rapidly. I am so grateful to those who have followed The Wood Project, liked the photos, shared them, subscribed to our newsletter and basically been so positive and supportive. If you are not following already, all the social media links are at the bottom on the website. This is where you will get frequent updates. 

Thank you all again for the continued support and I cannot wait to share with you some new products and our new custom service in Spring 2018. 


Jenni x


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