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Change is on the horizon...

So it's been an up and down few months of recent. I wanted to share with you why I have come to the decision to close my wood workshop and change the direction of The Wood Project, by bringing in other branded products as opposed to making them.

It was no easy decision, some have questioned how I am even the same business if I don't make my products however a business has to go with what works and adapt, otherwise it will just fail. It's that simple. My focus is however the same in that I love wood, I love the outdoors and the aim is to bring in products that suit those who love the same.

When you have a workshop, with that comes a huge outgoing for a business. It's probably the same as having a shop except I was in there just making and that was even before I had marketed the products to then try and sell. People absolutely appreciate hand made and bespoke items but they are not always prepared to pay the price for them. But of course you get those who do and that is amazing but it's a lot of hard work to get products moving in a fast enough pace to cover the outgoings that are already there every month.

So as much as I didn't want to let go of the one thing that I required to make my products, it was the one thing that was making The Wood Project idle and that is no enjoyable place to be. It was quite stressful and becoming a burden and the most important thing is to enjoy what you do or it becomes a chore. I knew I did not want to give up the one thing I had dreamed of and worked hard at for the last couple of years so I chose to reinvent to what works better.

What was very popular were my workshop teaching days. I love teaching and bringing people together, to learn and get stuck in. I help teach on a farm near Brighton during lambing time and this is where I began to realise that teaching was where I came into my own and all the people skills I had learnt from my previous career, were coming to fruition. Teaching woodwork however requires a fully equipped workshop so sadly that will cease for now but there are plenty of spaces I can use in the future to do this if demand requires. I wanted people to feel they CAN do those little projects they wanted to try or get on with a DIY job at home and not feel afraid of the power tools! For me it always came naturally to use tools as I've always been very hands on and wanted to know how something is made or how it works, but it was very much a try and see process and an obsession with learning, researching and experimenting until I understood what I could do with an item and then what I could make for my product range.

So the next chapter of The Wood Project, which I am REALLY excited about (as I love researching and shopping) is to provide items to you that compliment your lifestyle aimed around wood, the outdoors and adventure. For those that love camping, heading off in their camper van, those who explore the outdoors and getting back to nature. I can't think of anything better than heading off in my van and camping with friends. A roaring fire, stories and songs, good conversation and cooking on a stove or fire that gives the food a whole new level of taste


I have been researching makers and brands for quite a few months now and it's pretty hard to find unique items that are right but I like a challenge and have found some wonderful things.

So tell your friends, subscribe to my newsletter and I will share with you what I have found for you to buy for yourself or as a gift. I will share with you my camper van trips, the products in use so you can see what they are all about, places to explore and much more.

The Wood Project isn't just about products it's an experience and I want you all to come along for the ride!

Thanks everyone for supporting me

Jenni x

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