Camping with The Wood Project and New Products in the Making!

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Camping with The Wood Project and New Products in the Making!

So here at The Wood Project headquarters, it's been busy since the website was launched. It took a lot of time and work fiddling about to get the online shop up and running and now I have some more time to work on new furniture products and wooden gift ideas.

Sales have been really good and the feedback has been very positive. I sold out of the Parana Pine coasters but I'm currently working on some new stock in different wood.

Now I just need to get more wood enthusiasts to know that I exist which is always the hardest part of setting up a new business but a challenge I am looking forward to facing!

Camping Trip

Last weekend I headed off in my camper van to the New Forest and put some of my products to good use, which is exactly what I made them for, to be useful and items you can take anywhere.

This is the view that I awoke to!

Campervan in the woods


I also got to use my handmade Oak Bottle Opener and it was very welcome addition during the weekend. It's great to store as the leather strap means it can hang anywhere inside my camper van. 

Check out this video to see it in use!

Evening Furniture Making Course

Wooden table in workshop
To brush up on my knowledge I am currently doing an evening furniture making course in Brighton. This has been invaluable to get back to the basics and I think any learning is most definitely a good thing. I've been hand making dove tail and mortise and tenon joints. I've nearly finished a small table so will show the finished product when I finish in a few weeks time.

Here is the table and construction of the drawer.



New Wood Products

I want to regularly offer new products as and when I obtain new wood stock and have got some new serving boards currently taking shape in the workshop.

Yew and London plane serving boards

I obtained some beautiful Yew (pictured left) with a lovely waney edge that I have incorporated into some serving boards of different shapes and sizes. These will be available on the website in the next few weeks. I also have some Elm (pictured middle and right) which are in the same shape of the Oak Serving Board I currently sell and will feature the same mountain forest burn design on one side. This is proving to be a popular item so wanted to give you more choice. These will be available on the website in the next few weeks!



Thank you for all your support!
Jenni x

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