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A long time in the making...

A long hard road...

It's been a hard long journey to get to this very point. I didn't even know that this.... is what I would end up doing. 

I do feel that every experience, job, road trip, journey that I have had, has led to this point. I am doing what I enjoy and not everyone get's to experience that. I've had the pressured jobs and the long hours, but this is where I want to be.

So enough of that for a start of a blog, let's get to the details!

Why wood? Well why not, it's wonderful to work with and there is so much of it discarded and abandoned and unloved that it seem's logical to go down the reclaimed route when I can. I have always preferred the battered, rustic look and with my creative side I can make what I want with it.

I don't claim to be a joiner or a carpenter, I just work with wood. I love finding out how things work, how I can put them together, where should I sand and what look am I after, what type of finish, what screws or dowels shall I use, how can I introduce other materials?

I have so many ideas and its wonderful that I am able to go from drawings on a paper to something tangible and the thought of other people being able to enjoy them is, hard to imagine but very exciting!

It's taken lots of mistakes, broken tools, new machinery and investment, long late nights,  working through the winter in a freezing workshop not able to feel my fingers, just to get to this point. 

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