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The Story

Founder and wood worker Jenni Kehoe has always had a love for wood. Starting her career serving as a Police Officer for many years, to travelling the world as a bodyguard for royal families, her journey of fast paced adrenaline and discipline has provided the focus and attention to detail that has led her here, doing what she really loves.

"For as long as I can remember, I have always been making, creating and tinkering with wood. I grew up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and fields so I'm pretty sure something was ingrained in me at that point. My Grandfather was a very skilled man, an upholsterer and furniture restorer by trade and worked such wonders with his hands. He was always showing me how to make things in his workshop at the end of his garden. My Mother became an interior designer and used to work with him, both making soft furnishings the old fashioned way by hand. The creativity definitely runs through the blood.

I had always wanted to have my own business and after years of a crazy and exciting career, I wanted to take some control and do what I really felt passionate about. The smell and textures, colours and grains, allow me to create such wonderful looking pieces and form endless ideas. I work with a variety of woods, ideally British sourced and from managed woodlands. All scaffold wood products are only made with reclaimed boards. I love the imperfect rustic and industrial look that scaffold boards create and the beautiful grain and colour that other woods can provide. 

Being able to apply the skills I have learnt to create objects that are functional, is the huge driving force behind what I do. I'm always evolving, learning and it never feels like work."


It's really special to support a small independent business where every product is hand made with care. You can tell Jenni really care's about everything she makes. 

Sarah Crawford

Very talented, exceptional products. I have a side unit, wooden coasters and bottle opener so far - all of which I love and have been beautifully made. Highly recommend The Wood Project for furniture and wood accessories. Thank you Jenni!

Jinny Ursell

I purchased a serving board. It was sent quickly and was packaged in style. This beautifully crafted board is perfect. I really love the grain, the feel and the design. Thank you!

Linda France

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